Case Study

De Mandemakers Group (DMG)

De Mandemakers Group (DMG)

Increase sales with PIM

Ben Mandemakers started De Mandemakers Group (DMG) in 1978. He would prove that customer service and experience could be done better in the Dutch kitchen market. Since then, DMG expanded to sanitary ware and furniture. With currently more than 5000 employees, DMG is the biggest employer in these markets. Using a multi-brand strategy, the family business has 250 branches in the Netherlands and 100 in Germany and Belgium. DMG requested Osudio’s help to get a handle on their product data. Through the solid basis that our integrated PIM solution helped to create, DMG is able to focus on their core value; customer centricity.

DMG Osudio PIM ecommerce challenge

DMG’s Challenge

Due to the rising demands of digital consumers, a shorter time to market and shorter product life cycles, a business needs to be able to trust in their product data.

With roughly 1 million different products and multiple input sources and formats provided by its many suppliers, product data became increasingly complex to manage for DMG. All this data has an impact on logistics, service, sales and marketing. Therefore, DMG realized it was time to start standardizing the way they handle their product data.

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DMG Osudio PIM ecommerce solution

The Joint Solution

In order to offer a great customer experience on every touchpoint of the customer journey, DMG needed a solution that would benefit both their customers and their own staff. The close collaboration between logistics, service, sales and marketing required bringing the number of databases back to one, with a single source of truth.

After a quick scan performed by the Squadra Group it was clear that Informatica’s MDM - Product 360 platform combined with Osudio’s experience in implementing PIM solutions was the right fit for DMG. Through their long-term strategic partnership, Osudio supports DMG in their next digital steps.

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DMG Osudio PIM Ecommerce impact

Organizational impact

The implementation of PIM affects every department in the organization. In order to make the project a success, people working at DMG needed to adopt first to this new way of working. To accomplish this, DMG organized a.o. internal presentations and workshops across all layers of the organization. 

After several scoping sessions, DMG knew exactly how they wanted to take their PIM project to the next level. Once the scope of the project was defined, it was time to start implementing.

DMG Osudio PIM implementation Ecommerce

PIM implementation

A PIM implementation doesn’t have to be as messy as some people might expect. By applying their own agile and scrum-based work methods, Osudio gradually implemented the system. Function by function, their PIM solution started to take shape. 

The result? A PIM solution that allows publishing to web and print, has a fully integrated supplier portal and an increase in overall product data quality.

How DMG benefits

Osudio DMG PIM  

Improved customer satisfaction by implementing One Truth and consistency to all channels.

Osudio DMG PIM  

Higher e-commerce revenue by increasing conversion and decreasing product returns and errors.



Osudio DMG PIM


Faster time to market for new products both online and offline.

Osudio DMG PIM  

Higher efficiency that improves processes and decreases hidden costs.

Osudio DMG PIM  

Increased flexibility through better cooperation of different departments.



Osudio DMG PIM


Higher data quality that decreases maintenance costs, improves data governance and increases e-commerce revenue.