A team of 3 of our UX designers at work

UX and Engagement

Creating meaningful interactions through UX design

Technology is rapidly changing how people interact with brands and buy products. Customers are focused on brands not channels. Your ecommerce and in-store experiences need to speak with one voice. Osudio can help you create a consistent UX across every channel. We can ensure a consistency in product assortments, promotions and content across all customer touchpoints. Our solutions will help you reach engagement and connect with your customers for years to come.

An icon of a paintbrush and computer screen, symbolising UX design  Digital Strategy

Together with your team, we determine a clear digital strategy. Then we translate this strategy into an online concept, business processes and IT architecture. To deliver the right solution for you, we need to have an intimate understanding of your brand, goals, customers and your overall business strategy. We start by developing a value proposition for your product, which will function as the base for your UX strategy.

Icon of a flowchart, signifying the UX process  UX & Visual Design

Throughout the design process in which we shape and define your digital platform, our passionate team of UX and visual designers strive for the right balance between brand perception, convincing user experience and measurable goals to create engaging digital experiences for your users. 

icon of a desktop, tablet and smartphone, neatly arranged next to each other. UX is a cross device thing after all.  Consultancy

Our business consultants help you analyse your business challenges and support you in specifying your concepts and optimising your processes with business as well as UX in mind. Our application consultants install, configure, integrate, implement, update and extend your application and train you how to use it best.