As a full service provider we need to support our customers in doing e-business in the most optimal way.


This means providing our knowledge and experience on applications, processes, implementations and markets as a service by means of business and application consulting.

Our areas of knowledge are:

  • E-commerce (B2C, B2B, B2B2C, eProcurement, Mobile)
  • PIM
  • MDM
  • DAM
  • Integration
  • Supplier Onboarding
  • Web Content Management
  • E-marketing
  • Print

Business Consulting

Osudio provides strategic, tactical and operational consulting.

Strategic consulting in the form of:

  • Mission and vision statement development
  • SWOT sessions
  • KPIs sessions

Tactical consulting in the form of:

  • Business process analysis
  • Data model analysis
  • Organisational analysis
  • Functional requirements specification
  • Technical and architectural requirements specification
  • Transition requirements specification

Operational consulting in the form of:

  • Process optimisation
  • Feature optimisation

Application Consulting

Our application consultants are specialists in installing, configuring, integrating, implementing, updating, extending and optimising your application and training you how to use it best.