Experience and engagement - Team User experience and visual design

User experience & visual design

Throughout the design process in which we shape and define your digital platform, our passionate team of user experience and visual designers strive for the right balance between brand perception, convincing user experience and measurable goals to create engaging digital experiences for your users.

  Art direction & visual design

Our strategy, concept and design process leads to user-friendly, focused and sustainable designs. These designs need to reflect your brand values and brand consistency in styles and expressions.


  Information architecture

We can create an information architecture that makes it easy for your customers to feel at ease, find their way and set expectations.


  Wireframe design

Starting with the wireframes, we define and shape the actual solution. Wireframing allows us to quickly test ideas and make sure the right user experience is validated early in the project process.


Prototyping allows us to show how customers will interact with your digital platform. You can see the solution flows, how the interactions work and test the usability of our designs.


  Design workshops

It is important to have a shared understanding on the visual aspects of your brand. During this workshop, your team provides us with insights about the key values that define your brand’s aesthetics.