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Pioneer in cloud-based commerce platforms for fast growing enterprises

commercetools provides a highly flexible cloud commerce solution that can be fully customized. Understanding the needs of the modern digital enterprise by enabling scaling and integration of applications to adapt to changing market conditions more quickly.

Osudio and commercetools

Reshaping the commercial landscape together

With our 20+ years of experience in e-business we see that not the strongest survive but the ones that manage to adapt ealisy. Therefore we adapt to help our customers adapt. Currently this means implementing modular solutions in stead of monolithic solutions. It means bringing Content and Commerce together. And it means preparing for the future. Therefore we selected Commercetools as solution to support you. 

The challenges of retailers

  • Adaptability: todays customers demand seamless shopping solutions. Retailers are struggling to meet those demands;
  • Disrupting market: existing IT does not have the tools to respond to the fast changing market;
  • Inflexible architecture: to adapt to the constantly changing customer behaviors retailers need to shift to development & deployment agility;
  • Commerce and content integration: to differentiate as a retailer in todays competitive environment content and commerce need to converge.

The solution
In answer to this agile commerce landscape retailers need a solution that enables a modern microservices architecture. Mobile ready, cloud based, for the highest scalability. A solution with the most modern technology, that is developer friendly to keep up with the always changing technology.

  • Central API platform: commercetools provides enterprise eCommerce functionalities as an API, enabling commerce across all channels.
  • Cloud-based infrastructure: a cloud solution reduces costs and increases functionaliy, availability, reliability and scalability.
  • Highly flexible: commercetools is a flexible data model, an open API, with open source integrations and so much more

For scalable Commerce solutions enabling you to respond to any challenge or chance to come!