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  Product Information Management  

Together with our software partners we offer solutions that allow you deliver rich product information that closes the deal. No matter what channel your customers are in. 

  Digital Asset Management 

Manage your business-critical audio and visual assets centrally with Digital Asset Management

What is a PIM system?

With a PIM system you can aggregate, manage and synchronise data from several sources including ERP and PLM systems. The ability to harmonise data from multiple systems is critical when managing a global business.

A PIM system ensures a single view and a consistent format. You can publish to the web, catalogues, portals, label generation tools, printers and external resources. This is essential for portfolio management and supply/spend aggregation reports.

What PIM can do

  • Collect and consolidate 
  • Cleanse and rationalise 
  • Augment and extend
  • Support cross-functional reporting 
  • Aggregate data
wasco case

Drivers for PIM

eCommerce business goals are often the drivers for PIM

  • We lose customers while they are browsing in our shop.
    We want to increase the conversation rate!
  • Our competitors sell their newest products much faster than we do.
    We want to decrease the time to market!
  • The margin of our core assortment is decreasing.
    We want to sell more at higher margins!

From our experience

  • PIM projects are often and still seen as IT projects, not as business projects to improve the Business, so no real business goals and drivers are defined.
  • The impact on the organization often is underestimated, internal and external resources and partners are involved. A huge change in the organization can be expected.
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Wasco Becomes an Agile, Omnichannel Wholesale Business with PIM

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