Improve Operations

How do I grow my digital maturity?  

Is your organization ready to execute your digital strategy?

Operating in an increasingly digital market and taking advantage of digital technologies to improve operations, are important goals for every business. Yet, few companies appear to be making the fundamental changes their leaders and customers believe are necessary to achieve these goals. Both organizing your team and changing culture in order to excel and using technology to improve processes, belong to this domain. We help you to define how to organize and how to execute in the digital age.

Build your A-Team for e-business

Creating digital solutions is a multi-disciplinary process that blends creativity, engineering, digital strategy, customer support, legal regulations and more. Because of the complexity of this process, it’s important to clearly define roles, responsibilities and capabilities. Will you organize around technology expertise or by business goals? We help you build the right team for your e-business organization.

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The right IT for your business

IT is the business enabler of today. To realize their e-business strategy, leaders must evaluate their technology portfolio and the processes. We help you pick the right approach for your IT. Depending on your business need, we can help improve in your infrastructure, environment setup check, environment sizing audit and infrastructure improvements and refactoring.

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Measure and improve your team performance

When using multiple digital and development teams in large projects, team performance may vary. By implementing performance metrics, the actual team performance becomes more visible. This way you can optimize individual team performance and focus on the right measures to improve. Possible performance metrics can include team velocity, number of issues or bugs reported.

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Analyze your return on investment

Does your digital strategy pays off? Are your customer insights efficiently translated into revenue? We help you to define clear targets, build a balanced scorecard and fulfill a reality check. Based on our proven methodology, we help you manage and optimize your Team & Operations.

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Work with us

We are entrusted by companies like Carlsberg, Miele and Philips to leverage all the opportunities that digital brings. Curious how we can help you succeed in digital? Contact us.