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  • Improve UX Design of E-commerce Website

    Improve the UX Design of Your E-commerce Website

    If you want to attract and convert more visitors to your website, proper UX design is incredibly important. But where do you start? Check out this infographic to learn more about UX design for E-commerce websites. 

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  • Finding your e-commerce platform

    [Blog] Key Criteria for Choosing the Right E-Commerce Platform

    For those organisations considering moving to a new platform, apart from the obvious arguments such as budget or the “three second or less” rule for page loads, there are other important elements to bear in mind when choosing an e-commerce solution.

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  • User Experience Cannot Exist Without Users – Three Reasons That Prevent You from Doing User Research

    [Blog] User Experience Cannot Exist Without Users – Three Reasons That Prevent You from Doing User Research

    User research is an important part of providing a great user experience that will get you loyal customers. As Tim Brown, CEO of the innovation and design firm IDEO, put it: “Empathy is at the heart of design. Without the understanding of what others see, feel, and experience, design is a pointless task.” So, how can we better understand the user? And what is actually preventing us from doing our user research?

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  • Animation in ecommerce

    [Blog] To Animate Is to Bring to Life

    Motion captures attention like no other. So why wouldn't you use this to draw attention to the important parts of your website. In this blog, Anne-Lotte discusses how you can use animation in ecommerce through a few handy examples. 

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    [Whitepaper] Future Proof your Digital Business

    Today, everyone talks about creating great customer experiences based on omni-channel marketing. Learn how to reach your future eCommerce goals in this whitepaper.

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  • B2B customer experience dxp bloomreach ecommerce digital transformation

    [Whitepaper] The Rise of the B2B Customer Experience Imperative

    The digitisation of B2B is inevitable. In this whitepaper, we sat down with leading industry partners to discuss:

    ✔ How B2B companies are seeing success with digital
    ✔ How to foster a company-wide adoption of digital strategies
    ✔ The 4 steps to take now to win in B2B digital customer experience

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  • digital experience platform ecommerce success bloomreach dxp digital

    [Sheet] Digital Experience Platform Sheet

    It's time for the next level of ecommerce. Read this guide to find out how to reach these goals with a Digital Experience Platform - and how both your IT and marketing teams will thrive.  

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  • Digital Growth

    [Blog] Digital Growth – The 5 Biggest Pitfalls to Avoid on Your Road to Transforming Your Business

    No matter what industry you're in, digitization is a hot topic. While digital growth is incredibly important, it comes with a lot of pitfalls too. In this blog we'll give you tips to avoid five of them.

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  • Branded Commerce

    [Blog] Create Loving Customers with Branded Commerce

    Storytelling and digital go hand in hand. But how do you use it to create a brand people love? Find out in this blog!

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  • Personalize Digital Experiences with Sitecore

    [Blog] How to Easily Personalize Digital Experiences with Sitecore

    Personalizing digital experiences doesn't have to be hard. To prove just how easy it can be, Sitecore made this video. After watching it, you will no longer have an excuse to not personalize!

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    [Blog] Ux as a Daily Routine

    UX is a vital part of digital transition and creates value. Research shows that UX pays off for brands, customers as well as digital agencies. So, it’s no surprise that Osudio’s ambition is to embed UX structurally in our processes and make it a natural part of sales, strategy and implementation.

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  • 9 Steps That Make Personalizing Content So Much Easier

    [Blog] 9 Steps That Make Personalizing Content So Much Easier

    Content personalization does not have to be a chore. People often consider it one, thinking that it is far more difficult than it actually is. In this article we’ll share the nine most efficient steps towards content personalization according to our friends over at Sitecore.

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