Spain 2018: E-Commerce Report


Spain 2018: E-Commerce Report

Spain: 2018 Ecommerce Report provides an overview of the most critical and interesting observations found in the report. This report has been published by Ecommerce Foundation with hand-selected data that will help both domestic and international retailers evaluate their potential for success in the Spanish ecommerce market.

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The Ecommerce report includes a short interview with Igor Covers, Manager of International Business Development at Osudio.

What are the difficulties in achieving a true omnichannel experience in your region of expertise?

I. C.: We still see too many retailers claiming that they are delivering an omnichannel experience. However, in reality, they only deliver the possibility to shop online. A true omnichannel approach should really merge the on- and offline environments and should be based on a channel agnostic strategy and focused on the customer only.

Which demographic is growing the fastest in terms of ecommerce revenue in Spain?

I. C.: Recent studies show that currently about 24 million Spanish people are shopping online, that number will even grow to about 29 million people by 2021.

What sectors do you believe have the biggest potential for growth in Spain?

I. C.: Today, the total Spanish ecommerce revenue is about 15 billion euros, and analysts predict this number to exceed 20 billion euros by 2021. If we take a look at the most compelling product category, Fashion is still leading with about 5.5 billion euros of turnover today.






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June 8, 2018


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