E-Commerce Report Belgium 2018


Belgium 2018: E-Commerce Report

The Belgium 2018 Ecommerce Report, provides a brief overview of the state of ecommerce in Belgium. This report has been published by Ecommerce Foundation with hand-selected data that will help both domestic and international retailers evaluate their potential for success in the Belgian ecommerce market. The Ecommerce Foundation is an independent organization, initiated by worldwide national ecommerce associations as well as online and omnichannel selling companies from industries such as retail, travel & finance. 

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The Ecommerce report includes a short interview with Igor Covers, Manager of International Business Development at Osudio.

What are the difficulties in achieving a true omnichannel experience in your region of expertise?

I. C.: We still see too many retailers claiming that they are delivering an Omnichannel experience. However, in reality, they only deliver the possibility to shop online. A true Omnichannel approach should really merge the on- and offline environments and should be based on a channel agnostic strategy and focused on the customer only.

How can B2C organization thrive and invest in their future in the following areas?

I. C.: Technology is only the enabler of your business goals. At Osudio, we believe that technology is only the facilitator of digital transformation and not the driver on itself.

Where can AI and machine learning play a role in the ecommerce experience?

I. C.: At Osudio we believe that every interaction you have as a merchant with your customer should be ‘smarter’, ‘personalized’ and more ‘relevant’. “AI (Artificial Intelligence) is everywhere”, no doubt. Yes, it’s sometimes too much of a marketing hype (“AI inside this product”). But AI is here and is definitely here to stay. In every aspect of digital interactions, AI will play a role.


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June 27, 2018


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