E-Commerce Report the Netherlands 2018


The Netherlands 2018: E-Commerce Report

The Netherlands: 2018 Ecommerce Report provides essential data and insights of the Dutch market. The research is conducted by the Ecommerce foundation. The Ecommerce Foundation is an independent organization, initiated by worldwide national ecommerce associations as well as online and omnichannel selling companies from industries such as retail, travel & finance. 

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The Ecommerce report includes a short interview with Victor Terpstra, CCO of Osudio.

Working in e-commerce for a long time, how have you seen the Dutch market change over the last 5 years? Has the Dutch market become more/less open to foreign retailers looking to sell online?

V. T.: The Dutch economy is very open in general. Many retailers try to find ways to be successful in the Netherlands, however people still buy often at local familiar brands. All these brands look anxiously to the moment Amazon will launch a full-blown Dutch version just as Alibaba.

Specifically regarding the Dutch consumer base, what are 3 main tips for success in the e-commerce market?

V. T.: Exploitants should offer iDeal payment option, physical options to send returns, Dutch product descriptions for search and SEO purposes.

What are some consumer preferences/behaviors that are unique to Dutch consumers and should be considered by foreign retailers expanding to the Netherlands?

V. T.: Payment with iDeal, legal entity/physical presence in the Netherlands (for trust and practical reasons – returns), Dutch language.


Ask Victor

April 16, 2018


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