The digital purchase journey


It’s a fact: happy customers generate more customers.

The Digital Purchase Journey

How product information can dramatically alter the customer’s buying experience and power sales in retail. 

Only a few years ago, when we wanted to buy something, we’d consult brochures and catalogs or look for a knowledgeable salesperson. Now, the way we buy has changed beyond recognition. And it keeps being reinvented.

First we went online.
The internet was a revolution in transparency. With a few clicks, we now compare retailers, prices, products, and features.

We do our own research and have become super smart about what to buy, who to buy from, and how much to pay.

Then things got social.
Today, we’re routinely seeking other people’s opinions on products we’re excited about.

We take pictures, we review and rate and publicly share our feelings, advice, photos, and videos about everything from hotels to toothpaste.

Today, we’re mobile.
Now all that information and all those social recommendations are in our pockets. And shopping has once again transformed.

The power is in your customers’ hands.
Put these trends together and you’ve got a completely new – and enormously demanding – consumer. The way we sell has got to change, too.

Read the full report about the new purchase journey, how it is Shopper-controlled, Multichannel, Social-powered and Search-guided.


Ask Victor

March 11, 2016