Intergamma digital business case


Intergamma - Omnichannel Solutions for Do it Yourself Formulas

Intergamma is a real success story when it comes to digital transformation. By offering the same customer experience both online and offline, Intergamma is increasing their revenue from online sales every year.

Intergamma BV is a franchiser of do-it-yourself home improvement stores. With their Gamma and Karwei formulas, Intergamma is the Benelux market leader. In the Netherlands, there are 165 Gamma and 136 Karwei stores. In Belgium, there are 83 Gamma stores. In 2012, Intergamma customers could only buy do-it-yourself products in the physical stores. There was no online shopping platform. Intergamma wanted an omni-channel presence to provide their customers with more shopping options and more convenience.

Intergamma customers now have the flexibility to shop online or in one of their 365 stores. Since the inventory for all stores is online, customers can see if an item is available before visiting the store.

Intergamma can run the business of Gamma, Karwei and Gamma Belgium from both offline and online channels using one platform and re-using existing solutions resulting in a high degree of synergy. Whether you shop online or visit a store, the shopping experience is consistent. In close cooperation with Intergamma, we are constantly expanding the current implementation using the Osudio advanced agile approach.


Ask Victor

May 14, 2018