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Our 3 Most Popular Ecommerce Whitepapers of 2016

Making a decision on the right strategy for your eCommerce operation can be tough. We would like to help you to make an informed decision. Therefor we offer you our top 3 pick of whitepapers that help you navigate your way through the eCommerce domain.

1. eCommerce platforms - the ultimate guide to finding the right fit for your organisation

In this whitepaper we are outlining 4 fundamental different solutions of commerce platforms, including their pro’s and con’s. At Osudio we believe it is much more important to choose a platform based on one of these core competences, than to focus on an endless list of features, that look impressive and indispensable at the offset, but will turn out to have their own weaknesses as well or may not be so essential in terms of business value.

Download "E-commerce platforms - the ultimate guide to finding the right fit for your organisation" here


2. The fusion of content and commerce 

In a time where customers are more demanding than ever brands should focus on providing their customers an inspiring and efficient shopping experience. If they don't they might risk losing business. 

The fusion of content and commerce provides practical handles and learn how to provide shopping experiences for tomorrow's customers.

Download "The fusion of content and commerce" here


3. Microservices: A paradigm shift for fast growing e-commerce businesses 

Speed is today’s leading competitive differentiator: Facing changing customer demands, the rise of the mobile web and ever shorter innovation cycles, merchants need to make sure to have both an organizational as well as a technical structure that allows for agility and speed. Monolithic e-commerce applications, which still drive most of the biggest retailers’ sites worldwide, are bottlenecks for innovation.

Using examples by Zalando, The Gilt Groupe and REWE, we will show how retailers benefit from switching to Microservices and give some practical guidance regarding the evaluation and introduction of this methodology.

Download "Microservices: A paradigm shift for fast growing e-commerce businesses" here


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October 21, 2016


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