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Our 5 most read eBusiness articles of 2016

2016 has come to an end and 2017 is here. We've made a top 5 list of our best-read articles of 2016 so that you can kick-start your year with some valuable eBusiness insights.

1. The 3-day design sprint

Become more effective by embracing design sprints. Frans Stijnman dedicated this article to enlighten you on the why and how of efficient design sprints in website building.

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2. 6 Reasons why your eBusiness needs a CMS solution

Hippo's CMO, Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer, elaborates on the 6 reasons why your eBusiness needs a CMS solution.  

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3. The eCommerce selection handbook

In this whitepaper we are outlining 4 fundamental different solutions of commerce platforms, including their pro’s and con’s. 

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4. Osudio and Warmteservice on TeamNL

Warmteservice and Osudio were featured in the Dutch television show TeamNL on RTL Z. Osudio guided Warmteservice during their omnichannel transformation enabling them to seamlessly connect with their customers. 

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5. Building the business case mastering your product data

According to Product Information Management ROI studies, 60% of companies who have not yet adopted Product Information Management miss the positive business case or cannot identify it. This video highlights how to build a strong business case for mastering your product information as soon as possible.

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Whitepaper: The fusion of content and commerce 


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January 4, 2017


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