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Live webinar | Building the business case for mastering your product information

August 2, 2016

Live webinar | Building the business case for mastering your product information 

How to unleash the potential of your product information?

Date:     September 7 2016
Time:     15.00 - 16.00


According to Product Information Management ROI studies, 60% of companies who have not yet adopted Product Information Management miss the positive business case or cannot identify it. 40% of companies surveyed admit that they have no prior knowledge nor have they had the opportunity to identify these benefits.

Next to that, many companies invest a great deal of money in optimising their eCommerce shops. With increasingly globalised business models and a more and more demanding customer (right time, right channel, right device, right product), the demands on multichannel sales in particular are increasing.

This highly informative webinar addresses these challenges specifically and will provide answers to these probing questions:

  • How can you define your own individual business case for mastering your product information?
  • How can you develop measurable success?
  • How to turn quality product information into higher margins, Increased Conversion Rates and New Customers?
  • What are the real drivers of eCommerce?
  • How to reduce return rates?
  • How to setup your mobile and social channels (as these are critical success factors nowadays)?

It is time to build a strong business case for mastering your product information as soon as possible. During this webinar we will provide the answers to the questions above by talking to best-practices of well known organisations in the market.

Please join us for this highly informative webinar and start unleashing the potential of your product information!



Welcome and introduction


Why is mastering your product information crucial for your eCommerce business? 
Jürgen Robitzsch, Branch Manager – Osudio


A real-life example of a Product 360 business case


How to select and quantify the right drivers for your Product 360 business case? 
Jürgen Robitzsch, Branch Manager – Osudio


How to use a business case for convincing C-level of your Product 360 initiative?

15:45 Q&A




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