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Our top whitepapers of 2020

Victor Terpstra | 06-01-2021

Get key insights from our most-read whitepapers of the year.

3. freeing your data silos: the value of mdm 

In a business environment where competition is tougher, budgets are tighter, stakes are higher and margins for error are thinner, businesses can no longer afford to run on siloed data. 

Siloed data is the root cause of poor business agility, poor decision making, increasing operational costs and limited innovation, among others. Only poor data quality is already costing businesses an average annually of $15M (Gartner). 

In this whitepaper you will learn:

The value of MDM Whitepaper

  • Why data silos exist
  • The main organizational issues resulting from siloed master data
  • How MDM solves these challenge
  • 7 ways MDM delivers business value
  • How to choose an MDM provider



2. MIcroservices: a paradigm shift for fast growing e-commerce businesses

In today’s marketplace, successful companies are going all-in on Microservices. Because it’s not the strongest that survive, but the ones most responsive to change. In this whitepaper, we will address the following topics:

201908_Osudio_ALL_White paper_Microservices_CTA
  • How: What steps are required to introduce a Microservices architecture?
  • The what and why of Microservices
  • The 6 benefits of Microservices for e-commerce
  • The 5 steps required to introduce a Microservices architecture



Create better personalized, streamlined experiences with centralized technology and simplified processes.

2020 brought for retailers a tremendous, and challenging acceleration in digital commerce. According to a 2018 survey by BRP, 81% of retailers aimed to deploy cloud-based unified commerce within 3 years in order to achieve competitive customer experiences in a fast-changing, omnichannel environment. After this year's events, making this change towards Unified Commerce has become even more of a critical one to remain competitive.

In this complete guide to Unified Commerce, you will find: 

Unified Commerce whitepaper_image
    • A step-by-step guide from concept to project planning and execution. 
    • An in-depth assessment to discover the maturity of your business to move into Unified Commerce.
    • Best practices and analysis models to build your business case.
    • How to get started planning your project.


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Victor Terpstra

CCO and Darwin initiative co-founder.

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