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Webinar: Success in B2B eCommerce, key research from Forrester and B&S

Victor Terpstra | 26-11-2019

B2C has changed the B2B landscape. Business customers now expect a shopping experience that mirrors the leading B2C companies and is convenient, seamless and always available. With 83% of B2B buyers selecting a supplier based on their eCommerce and customer portal capabilities*, it is a financial imperative that B2B companies evolve.


In this webinar,

  • VP and Research Director, Allen Bonde, shares unique insights into the latest trends in B2B Commerce and how distributors and manufacturers can future proof themselves to ensure their survival.
  • Rene van Gelderen, IT Director, from B2B company B&S joins for an interactive Q&A discussion. He covers the challenges B&S has faced, the steps they are taking to build a next generation B2B experience and the technology they've chosen to help them get there.

*Source: Avionos B2B Buyer Report, 2019 

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Victor Terpstra

CCO and Darwin initiative co-founder.

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