WEBINAR: Digital disruptions in retail; how to stay ahead of competition?

While Amazon is predicted to account for half of US retail by 2021, Adidas is beating Nike in it’s home country, reporting a 53% rise in e-commerce revenues in Q1.

Consumers are expecting frictionless experiences that are tailored to their individual needs. Business leaders who listen to these developments are developing holistic visions on technology and organizational structures that build engaged customers. Makin the right decision in terms of technology and how you make your organization fit is the key to succes.

This webinar will provide insights on:

  • ✔ The future state of e-commerce and retail
  • ✔ Why brands and retailers need to incorporate the customer at the core of their innovation
  • ✔ How modern technologies are enabling exponential growth
  • ✔ What leading retailers are doing today to stay ahead tomorrow

Digital Strategy & Customer Engagement

Ask Frans

June 29, 2017