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[WP] E-commerce solutions for Manufacturing

Marinus Ames | 09-04-2020

The technology behind e-commerce transformed the way companies and consumers do business. Within today's manufacturing sector, a principal requirement for successful commerce is a consistent experience across all channels and devices, for customers and suppliers alike. This sounds like a tall order, but it is becoming both realistic and achievable, thanks to the growing sophistication and availability of data and communications technologies, ranging from mobile smart devices to cloud computing.

These highly versatile technologies are moving companies, large and small, towards a unique and tailored relationship structure for commerce, in which both sides – customer and supplier – have the information they need to move together towards a single source of truth. Because today, B2B buyers are conditioned by their consumer experiences and empowered by digital technologies. They expect a consistent and personalized experience in every step of their purchasing journey.

This whitepaper will teach you:

  • How to create a consistent omni-channel experience across all channels for customers and suppliers
  • How B2B buying behaviour has changed
  • New business models related to B2B E-commerce
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E-commerce solutions for Manufacturers

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