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[WP] Future proof your digital business: A guide to digital experiences for retailers, brands & distributors

Marinus Ames | 09-04-2020

The dream of omnichannel marketing appears to solve all your digital experience problems. It promises increased revenue, higher customer satisfaction, stronger customer loyalty and better customer insights by creating a single, seamless customer experience across various digital channels. But as valuable as omnichannel sounds, many retailers and brand manufacturers are unsure of the most efficient steps to take to get there.

How do you create digital experiences that meet your customers' needs? Expectations for digital interactions are rising every day and it can be challenging to create a clear, long-term roadmap to e-business success.

It's a big challenge to manage all the moving pieces - from tying together your product messaging, to personalizing your offering and content, to maintaining a consistent message across channels, as well as gathering insights about your customers and acting on the learnings. Creating a scalable and future-proof business architecture is complex, that's why we created this whitepaper together with BloomReach to help you take the next steps.

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • How to overcome the 7 key Omnichannel challenges for brands, retailers & distributors
  • Your next step in e-business, based on the 4 phases of e-business maturity
  • How to scale your e-business with a Digital Experience Platform (DXP).
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Overcome the 7 key challenges for retailers, brands & distributors

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