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[WP] Overcoming the four key challenges to your B2B e-commerce success

Victor Terpstra | 09-04-2020

The technology behind e-commerce transformed the way companies and consumers do business. For B2B companies, the time has come to make the big leap forward and embrace e-commerce just as their B2C counterparts have done before. Because today, B2B buyers are conditioned by their consumer experiences and empowered by digital technologies. They expect a consistent and personalized experience in every step of their purchasing journey.

While many B2B companies have made progress in developing digital channels, most struggle with weaving these together and evolving from  multichannel. As consumers, B2B buyers have learned to expect a seamless omnichannel customer experience: all channels working together efficiently. If your B2B company can’t offer this and still relies on print catalogs, then your customers can easily find your competition online with up to date pricing and availability. And yet, it’s not only a matter of keeping up. E-commerce also offers you new opportunities. Now more than ever, it pays to embrace digital.

This whitepaper will teach you:

  • 6 Key figures every B2B company should know
  • Learnings from B2B companies like BYK, Intergamma and MCB
  • The next steps to B2B E-commerce success
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B2B E-commerce Success

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