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Conversion assessments

A series of assessments that certainly influence your conversions in a positive way

Conversion Assessments

High expectations and low conversions?

We see this coming back in a lot of organizations. A large amount of money is invested in a platform, people and toolings, but without the required ROI. A couple of small changes can already make a significant difference. These professional assessments are made to focus on optimizing your customer journey. 

Conversion Assessments

Finally achieve the optimal ROI

"It is the small moments in the digital journey that make the biggest difference" - Frans Stijnman

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A better relationship with your customer

In 2 assessments

Assessment 1: Conversion

Convert more

  • Conversion analysis of your webshop
  • Analysis of your customer behaviour in Google Analytics
  • Detailed step by step imrovement plan for improving your conversion

We critically look at the moments that influence your conversions the most and give advice on how to improve.

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Assessment 2: Customer Experience Mapping

Realise an optimal customer journey

  • Analysis of your customer journey, on- and offline

Your customers are everywhere. Across every channel you are able to improve your relationship. We dive deep into the customer journey and give you fitting advice.

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What we deliver

With over 20 years of experience in e-commerce at both B2C and B2B organizations we clearly indicate were improvements are possible. Here we closely monitor your customerdata, personas and a thorough analysis of your customer journey. Because of our experience and pragmatic approach we deliver results quickly.

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