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Omnichannel assessments

A series of assessments for a successful digital future

Omnichannel Assessments

Get immediate knowledge whether your e-business is ready for the future

For every organisation, regardless of the industry of your company, digital business has become a strategic topic. Your organisation is doing digital business, but you are probably considering: How are we going into the next phase?  How are we going to convert? How do we structure our organisation? Which choices concerning IT are we going to make? Osudio offers readily available services that support you by making the right choices. In addition, Osudio can also help with the implementation of the chosen solution and organizational changes.

Omnichannel Assessments

Reach your customers consistently via every sales channel

"Only organisations that offer the best customer experience for the consumer will be able to beat the market" - Victor Terpstra  

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Always and everywhere the correct interaction with your customer

In 3 assessments

Assessment 1: Balanced Score Card for e-business

Steer to success

  • Pinpoint targets/KPI’s
  • Translating targets to P&L/business case
  • Translating targets/KPI’s to impact on organisation

With the help of the Balanced Score Card we make a business case with a listing of KPI’s, including the additional measurements needed. 

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Assessment 2: The digital value proposition

Exactly knowing what your customer wants

  • What are the advantages that a consumer experiences of doing business with your company?
  • How can these advantages can be translated to a digital proposition?
  • Which experiences can you offer to retain a customer for the long term?
  • Should the approach per ‘touchpoint’ (mobile, instore, desktop) be different and if yes, how?
  • Are these mainly existing or new customers?
  • On which target audience do you focus?
  • How can your staff contribute to the Digital Value Proposition?

The digital value proposition gives a practical overview of the reason why customer come to you and not the competion for services. You will receive a ‘poster’ that in one overview creates a referencepoint for everyone within your organisation. 

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Assessment 3: Roadmap, organisation and architecture

Successful into the future

  • We determine the roadmap: how, what and when is it executed?
  • We look at how this fits within the existing enterprise architecture
  • And what the impact is on the budget, IT and organisation?

When you have a clear view of how to win your customer and under which conditions you are successful, the following question needs to be answered: 'how are these two domains on an organizational level supported with (digital) solutions'. For this we offer the roadmap and architecture assessment.

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What we deliver

We deliver more than 200 driven digital professionals with a passion for everything that has to do with e-business. Together with our customers and partners we offer solutions that are durable and have an excellent basis for years of digital growth. 

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