Matratzen Concord

Matratzen Concord

Online improves business at the point of sale & supports internationalisation

Matratzen Concord is Europe’s largest retailer for matresses, bed frames, and accessories, with 850 stores in Germany. Their stores, which are in prominent locations, sell mattresses in bulk from high quality manufacturers. Due to lean management and cost consciousness, they have an exceptional price-performance ratio.

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Their Challenge

Matratzen Concord wanted to improve their online presence, but they didn’t want their online efforts to compete with their physical stores, which are an important part of their strategy. So a new concept was needed to improve business at the POS (Point of Sale) by online activities. Furthermore, Matratzen Concord’s ambitions in internationalization wish to be supported by online solutions.

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Our Solution

Based on the hybris platform, Osudio integrated the Matratzen Concord back office system by aligning the offline and online channels. To avoid conflicts, online purchases were linked to a Matratzen Concord store, which handled customer communications and product delivery.

This concept ensures that the stores accept the new e-commerce channel as a part of the whole sales/marketing approach. Osudio also enhanced the online marketing functionality.

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How the client benefits

Market share grew significantly due to an online rollout in Austria and Switzerland, in addition to being integrated in Amazon Marketplace. By integrating coupons, cross-sell and upsell functionality, Osudio increased the revenue and conversion rate. The online shopping experience is now more secure and pleasant due to: more payment options, optimized checkout processes, as well as integration with Trusted Shop.

Matratzen Concord

"Osudio’s knowledge in retail in general and of the hybris platform in specific helps us day to day to improve our business and allow our customers to buy wherever and whenever they want."