Case Study



One platform to rule them all

With only 17 million people living in the Netherlands, the Dutch television market is a small one. RTL, SBS and NPO are three of the country’s major broadcasters. Each broadcaster has a video-on-demand platform and distinctive brand.

NL-Ziet NL-Ziet

Their challenge

To respond to a changing television landscape, the three broadcasters formed NLziet to offer high quality Dutch television on demand. Their challenges: build a business together, create a consistent user experience and maintain their individual platforms and branding. 


Our solution

Osudio designed the concept, which created the NLziet service. By placing an integrated search engine above the RTL, SPS and NPO video-on-demand platforms, each platform retains its technical independence and distinct branding. The search engine makes it easy for viewers to find their favourite programmes, movies and reality shows. 

Osudio worked on this project with two partners. Osudio created the online concept, functional design and visual design. Koeweiden Postma designed the logo and visual identity. Escobar handled copywriting.

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How the client benefits

NLziet lets subscribers watch the most popular Dutch shows – from TV series and films to reality shows, documentaries and talent shows – up to 365 days after the original broadcast. Some shows are even available seven days before they are broadcast. 

Subscribers can easily find what they are looking for. They have the freedom to watch their favourite programmes on any device in high definition quality without commercial interruptions.