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Smart design system supporting flexibility

Warmteservice is an established and successful enterprise in the Netherlands. Focused on the market of installation (central heating, sanitary, electronic systems), Warmteservice operates through 61 physical outlets in the Netherlands. The company caters both the B2C and the B2B market with products and services. Its promises are ‘always close in your area’ and ‘willing to service you in the best way possible’. In half a century Warmteservice saw a steady growth in shops, turnover, margin, customer loyalty and engagement. Next to the shops, Warmteservice also operates through a successful e-commerce platform that was built by Osudio in 2011. Based on their long-lasting relationship Warmteservice requested Osudio to bring this platform to the next level: to service users better on basis of their changing behavior (increase in mobile usage) and to help Warmteservice to deliver a highly flexible tailor made system. 


Warmteservice’s challenge


Warmteservice wants to serve their B2B customers better. The existing e-commerce platform was primarily developed for desktop, while the behavior of the users now is shifting increasingly to mobile. Warmteservice also wanted to be more flexible in their offerings, content and publishing throughout the year. They needed a smart design system that supported this level of flexibility and that could be easily used by their own in-house online team already in place.

The joint solution


The result is a combination of a condensed strategy phase, consensus by internal stakeholders, a re-design of the platform for optimized mobile use and the co-creative development of a smart design system. By doing this, we empowered the product owner of Warmteservice to act with his in-house online team to work as independent and effective as possible. The team can use clever tools to make the online offering of Warmteservice fitting to the company’s needs. Osudio facilitated Warmteservice in a self-sufficient and agile way of working, helping to extend their already successful enterprise in the digital field.

Marinus Ames (UX Designer, Osudio)

warmteservice business case osudio digitalization

Strategy and building consensus


Osudio started by aligning the most important internal stakeholders with the goal, scope and approach of the desired next level of the e-commerce platform. We developed a shared understanding of the exact needs through co-creative workshops with the management of Warmteservice. This provided the basis that made the optimal way of working and desired outcome perfectly clear. Even more importantly, this approach built consensus and trust. Together with Warmteservice’s management, Osudio defined the more independent role and responsibilities of the product owner and the online team of Warmteservice.

warmteservice business case osudio digitalization

Re-design for mobile use


In a co-creative and interactive collaboration, Osudio’s designers and Warmteservice’s online team joined forces and worked closely together. The product owner of Warmteservice directed and managed this cooperation. In an effectively short period, this acceleration team managed to re-design the existing platform for a strongly improved mobile use. This covered UX, visual design, content guidelines and the development of extra functionalities.

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Creation and hand-over of a smart design system


The acceleration team established a flexible setup of the front-end, by using components, items and elements. The goal was to be able to create more different types sorts of content and pages that were easy to use throughout the year. By doing so, Osudio ensured the product owner and the online team of Warmteservice were empowered to work independently and flexibly. We facilitated this by transferring the smart design system – based on the principles of atomic design – via a style guide and the appropriate instructions.

How Warmteservice benefits


  • A clear understanding by management of the requirements for bringing the existing e-commerce platform to a next level
  • Building consensus within the internal stakeholders on the desired approach and outcome
  • Creating trust by the management in the more independent role and responsibilities of the product owner and the online team
  • Re-designing the e-commerce platform to address the changing needs of users. Specifically: improving the mobile experience on UX, visual design, content and functionalities
  • Close cooperation with the product owner and the online team, that resulted in a smart design system that supports flexibility and can be used by Warmteservice itself 

Product Owner, Warmteservice

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