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Wasco Becomes an Agile, Omnichannel Wholesale Business with PIM

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Their challenge

Buying patterns and behaviour of engineers are changing. They increasingly rely on technology to browse items on the Web and order them online before starting a project. Therefor Wasco needed to be present in every channel their customers use. Product Information Management (PIM) was the main obstacle to delivering this omnichannel experience.

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Our solution

Together with Informatica, Osudio implemented the PIM solution 'Informatica Product Management (PIM) 360'. This implementation includes the timesaving Digital Asset Management (DAM) feature.

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How Wasco benefits

The omnichannel strategy will transform the brand expercience of Wasco's customers enormously, giving them rich product information when and how they need it.

Offering new productgroups and increasing the quality of information by offering customized offers based on their personal preferences. All this adds up to relevant product information for the customers and creates a more rewarding and intimate Wasco brand experience.