Carlsberg is one of the largest and most iconic beer brewers in the world. Their products are sold in over 140 countries and their immense brand portfolio includes brands like Carlsberg, Kronenbourg, Grimbergen and Tuborg. The brewer requested Osudio to support Carlsberg with defining a B2B E-Commerce strategy for selected markets in Western Europe, to increase engagement with their B2B customers. After defining the B2B E-Commerce plan, Osudio provided digital strategy, consultancy, UX and visual design, development of the B2B platform and program management.



How do you move a traditional B2B client relationship towards a business partner relationship through a digital engagement strategy?

Carlsberg requested Osudio to guide in their digital transformation process. All the way from Value Proposition to the actual development of the B2B engagement & commerce platform, it combined digital strategy, design and developing in one project. Osudio took over a SAP Hybris implementation and extended the technical migration to UX and Engagement. Across various countries and Carlsberg’s multiple brands, the business voice and the customer voice were brought together.



The result is a digital platform that goes beyond transaction and strengthens client relationships. Thus, it supports Carlsberg’s aspiration to guide and direct their customers in order to adapt/react to the ever-changing marketplace they operate in.

The Business Consultancy team translated the customer experience requirements into features and functions supported by SAP CX commerce and Sitecore engagement. An important aspect was an advanced promotion engine to support various complex promotion mechanics. The set-up runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud solution, which has never been used in the Hybris and Sitecore combination before. The engagement layer was implemented in close collaboration with Evident, a third-party implementation partner, under the coordination of Osudio, providing Carlsberg with one partner for their digital transformation.

“Osudio challenged our core beliefs of a digital platform and helped us define a customer engagement strategy that enables us to differentiate and to be successful in the digital age.”

Mark Dajani
CIO, Carlsberg Group



  • Focus on key persona types to create optimized customer journey for b2b customers
  • Increase engagement with customers
  • Template solution to support all markets
  • Flexibility in terms of driving commerce and creating experiences
  • Tie-ins to other marketing driven solutions, like email marketing
  • Increase revenue by better customer journeys, clear promotion structure, rewards etc.

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