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Berlin Osudio / CDLX

    • Oranienstraße 183
    • 10999 Berlin
    • Germany
  • T +49 (0) 30 69 50 69 06

Since 2005 CDLX has created award winning Graphic and Interactive Design for clients in industry, commerce, art & culture. With the creative agency CDLX, Osudio has another point of contact in Germany's capital for companies requiring creative and straightforward design in their digital strategy.


International career opportunities

With nearly 200 employees we operate internationally and implement projects at our offices in Germany (Dortmund / Lünen & Stuttgart / Nürtingen), The Netherlands (Amsterdam & Eindhoven), Belgium (Hasselt / Diepenbeek), Denmark (Copenhagen), Spain (Valencia) and Switzerland (Zurich).

Looking to work in an exciting company?

We are always looking for talented professionals with the drive to develop and design cutting edge solutions.

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