Create the value your customers want

September 2, 2018
By Frans Stijnman

We want to move away from the methodologies and get practical. For any business there are two top questions that need precise answers: what value will you provide your customers? And how will your company create revenue from that value? The Business Model 1. Preface Canvas is the perfect template for developing and documenting business models and helps to find strategic answers. But before you start your Business Model Canvas, we need to consider the context in which to conceive or adapt your business model.

  • A simple framework to prevent failure
  • How to apply the Business Canvas Model for your idea
  • How to create a value proposition your customers want

With a series of three Innovation whitepapers we aim to provide you with a logical framework, tools and clear examples to help you innovate successfully. Download now the third part of the serie and enjoy the read!

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