Free 30 min consult | Product Information Management

Is your product data on point?

During this 30 minutes consult we aim to point out short term action points that will put your Product Information Management towards the right direction.

Successful organizations in your industry embrace PIM and understand that it is one of main drivers to stay in business. Besides boosting time-to-market and efficiency, PIM also generates structural revenue growth on the long-term.

However, success doesn’t come easy. The challenges your business faces when implementing an Product Information strategy go beyond technology and will impact your entire organization. No exceptions. So, ask yourself:

✔ How many different products are you currently selling?
✔ Is your business case for PIM clearly outlined?
✔ Will your architecture be able to support PIM?

About Osudio 

Osudio is part of the SQLI group and one of Europe’s largest and most experienced e-business specialists. Having worked in e-business since the 90’s we understand what works, what doesn’t and what drives growth. Many of our national and international clients are market leaders. Our goal is to make our B2B and B2C clients successful in an ever-changing digital world, by combining the best of design and technology.

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