Master Data Management

Master Data Management

Essence of MDM

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What is MDM

what is mdm
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Why MDM?


Challenges MDM solves

Data silos

Multiple versions of data sources used throughout within and outside the organization.

Data quality

Inconsistent, incomplete and erroneous data used throughout the business and pushed to different channels. 

Data Syndication

Lack of control of what data is being pushed to what channel.

Customer experience

Inconsistent customer interactions caused by a lack of complete, attractive and consistent master data.  

Advantages of MDM

MDM Benefits Your...


Optimize business processes. Reduce costs and increase productivity. 

Marketing Manager

Enhance customer experience. Provide with up-to-date, optimized data that can be later used in many channels and in many formats. 

IT Manager

Full control over data. Improve your data insights, allow data integration with any platform, streamlines of data processes.

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HOW MDM can solve your challenges

How MDM solves your challenges

One single source of truth

By eliminating data silos. Allowing easy integration to provide ready-to-use, up-to-date data to third-party systems and channels. Fostering collaboration across departments.

Efficient data processing

By eliminating data errors and duplicates with a single data overview. Create a golden record of multiple data sources. 

Increased data value

Discover actionable insights and support solid decision making through efficient processing of accurate and timely data. 

Improved customer experience

Rich and consistent data improves customer experience and conversions. Enhance omnichannel and ecommerce efforts.  

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MDM Checklist to get started

1. Create the right architecture

Gartner distinguishes four main styles of MDM architectures: consolidation, registry, coexistence and centralized style.

2. Organize the data

There are three main ways to organize your data: supply centric, enterprise-centric or customer-centric. 

3. Choose the type of MDM solution

MDM solutions can be application-based or platform-based. Each has its own pros and cons.

MDM: the Osudio way of working

Our MDM Services


MDM stands for Master Data Management and represents a single point of reference for important data such as Customers, Employees, Products, Vendors, Accounts, etc. We help customers in defining and implementing their MDM strategy. We help customers in defining and implementing their MDM strategy to create a single point of reference for their important data such as Customers, Employees, Products, Vendors, Accounts, etc. 

A product information management (PIM) system is a solution to collect and manage product data in one single source of truth. With a PIM you'll have structured data, easy to manage and distribute to your different channels. It speeds up your time to market, increases efficiency and delivers high quality and consistent data. We can help you in defining and implementing your PIM solution.

Marketplaces are very popular for buyers as they are having the option to compare and buy products from many different sellers all in one place.

For the seller (manufacturer, retailer, and wholesaler) marketplaces are highly beneficial since they can make use of an existing e-commerce platform. It also allows them to reach new audiences from various regions and amplify their growth. We can help customers to integrate their PIM into the different marketplaces. We also help customers in setting up marketplace accounts, listing optimization, reporting, inventory management, etc.

Do you need advice or a second opinion on your PIM/MDM strategy? Or practical guidance during an ongoing implementation to successfully implement PIM/MDM? Is your current PIM/MDM implementation not offering the expected benefits? We help customers by offering advice and audits to maximize efficiency, fulfilling the expectations and improving existing implementations.

We implement PIM/MDM solutions that are based on standard functionality, have a flexible data model, Improve product and business process and are fully integrated (inbound & outbound) into your current IT landscape. We support our customers after the initial implementation by monitoring, upgrading and proactively advising on new trends and topics.

The benefits of implementing a PIM/MDM solutions are huge... But so can be the impact on your organization. Processes will change and need to be optimized, roles and responsibilities need to be defined, new teams or existing teams need to be enabled, users need to be engaged and trained, etc. We help customers with realizing this change. We'll make sure the implementation is a success by offering change management services that run in parallel with the implementation services.


Good quality data can have a huge impact on your revenue. Data Quality can increase your conversion and decrease your return rate significantly. We identifying Data Quality issues and help customers in solving and improving their Data Quality.

Additionally, migrating and integrating your data from one system to another can be quite a hassle and very time-consuming. The challenge becomes even greater if the quality of the data is poor and data transformations are required. We can take over that challenge and help you migrate your data from legacy systems to a new data solution like PIM/MDM or build/setup data integration between your PIM/MDM system and any other solution in your architecture.

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