Galeria INNO wins the BeCommerce Starter Award

Galeria INNO wins the BeCommerce Starter Award!

March 29, 2016

For the 10th time, the BeCommerce Awards took place at the Koloniënpaleis in Tervuren, Belgium. Galeria INNO was rewarded with the Starter Award 2015, the award for the best starting webshop.

‘This year, the competition was excellent in this category – which is significant as it means that the level of starter organisations in Belgium is increasing and increasingly better – which can also means more role models for others to follow. The jury was impressed by the implementation of Galeria INNO’s ecommerce site in both time and depth”.

Two years ago, Galeria INNO teamed up with Osudio for a big challenge in the digital era: to evolve their business model to excel in the digital channel as well. Today Galeria INNO owns 16 department stores on top-end locations where customers a have an unique customer experience. Galeria INNO teamed up with Osudio to take this experience to the online channel.

A successful partnership

The award is the result of a successful, long-term partnership between Galleria INNO and Osudio. ‘It took 12 months to get 169 brands and 80.000 products online, but we did it and with success”. 

Management Team Galeria INNO: ‘Osudio handled all of our digital channels. This allowed us to concentrate on our core business of offering a unique and premium designer brand shopping experience, thus paving the way for an even greater customer experience and wider product range for our future.’

We congratulate Galeria INNO with this big achievement, this is an acknowledgement for our long term partnership with Galeria INNO.