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International Onboarding Event at Osudio - 2018

Live the values: We are Osudio

Osudio is craftsmanship, reliability, digital driver, diversity united

Osudio is growing within the e-commerce industry both externally and internally. We have been achieving our mission of making companies successful in digital transformation for more than 20 years. But as well, we have been building the best working environment at the company.

That is so that the HR team decided to launch the first international onboarding event for new employees to build a common commitment together with Osudio. By the same way, the aim of this event was to get a better working performance and satisfaction for both current and new employees.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is a progress and working together is success!” – Henry Ford  

The International onboarding

Why international? We are nearly 200 employees within 10 offices from 7 different countries. Diversity defines us: there are 10 different nationalities just at the Amsterdam office.

The event took place last 27th March at Eindhoven, the most-centric office among all of them. We started with a delicious breakfast where we could talk and introduce ourselves for a while. Later, we have a presentation about Osudio: mission, vision and values; past and forecast growth; services, customers and partners. After this session, we took a break for lunch and we retook the onboarding event with a workshop.

This workshop was aim to get a bit more personal. We talked to each other about our strengths and weaknesses, what make us different and our ambitions and goals in life, both professionally and personally. We also did some activities related to our first impressions and experiences about working at Osudio, considering four key topics: communication, socializing, conflict and inspiration.

But, why are this kind of workshops so important to improve a working environment? On one hand, it helps to know what we are doing good and how we can keep it, but also which things are missing, what our employees need and how they feel in order to enhance and provide a better working harmony. On the other hand, our employees feel part of the whole corporation, that are taking into consideration, listened and that they are crucial for the success of Osudio.

What is our focus!

Osudio goes beyond "just development and delivery". We live our values: we are passionate about our work. We work together. We are united. We are straight-forward and determined to succeed as a full e-commerce agency. But from the HR part, we aim to succeed as an employer of choice. We focus our vision not just to success in the e-commerce industry, but also on the labour sector. We work to learn, to teach, to improve, and to build the best working team.  

At Osudio, our goal is to create an employer branding by each small piece that makes up what Osudio is today: our employees. We are continuously working to create a positive employment relationship together.

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients” – Richard Branson

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