My life as an Application Engineer, with Maarten Verjans

My life as an Application Engineer, with Maarten Verjans

Maarten has been working as an Application Engineer at Osudio for more than 10 years, and his focus has been on projects for many different companies. 

He’s a definite contribution to the #OsudioFamily, both on a social and professional level! Let’s get started, and get to know him better by asking him some questions on his life at Osudio: 

How do you experience life at Osudio as a Service Operations Expert?

I joined the Osudio family in the summer of 2007. The “work hard, play hard” mentality became clear right away and I loved every bit of it. As the Service Operations team, we’ve accomplished a great deal of challenges and are always looking forward for the next “big thing”.

At the office we’re having a great time and help each other out. But don’t get mad if you get trolled by the “Troll of the year”, a title I’m proudly wearing and even got a trophy for.

How is your role at Osudio?

As a service operations expert, the technologies we use are ever changing, and that’s a good thing!

Where we used to install, compile and dig into the logfiles a lot, we now have a very large set of tools and technologies that do this job for us, so we can focus on the fun parts. With the exciting new cloud technologies, machine-learning applications and smart monitoring we can easily create, maintain, scale up .. and tear down massive production clusters

Which is your most interesting project? #Proud?

I truly like every project at Osudio. But if I really have to choose, I choose the Carlsberg Kubernetes project we’ve installed and are reinventing at this very moment

What makes Osudio unique for you as an employee?

I’ve never worked for another employer before so I cannot compare.

But as I’m still very happy here after 12 years of service, I’m sure that counts as a reason 😊

How would you describe working at Osudio in 3 words?


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September 23, 2019

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