My life as a Software Engineer, with Koen van de Leur

My life as a Software Engineer, with Koen van de Leur

Koen has been working as a Software Engineer at Osudio for more than 2 years, and his focus has been on projects for Intergamma. He studied and lives in Amsterdam, and he enjoys sharing a beer occasionally at the end of the day!

He’s a definite contribution to the #OsudioFamily, both on a social and professional level! Let’s get started, and get to know him better by asking him some questions on his life at Osudio:

How do you experience life at Osudio as a Software Engineer?

I spend quite some time working and representing Osudio on-site at the customer’s office, for a project at Intergamma, where my role includes backend development and acting as a Scrum Master for the team. When I get to the Osudio office in the heart of Amsterdam I really appreciate the laid-back atmosphere and team spirit that is always around. We have lunch together at one big table and help each other out wherever we can. 

What is your role at Osudio like?

As a Software Engineer I work on various projects within our customers’ websites and ecommerce platforms. The rhythm is decided by the scrum events, daily standups, as well as every sprint event (refinements, retrospectives, review). Some of the technologies I use are Java 10, the Spring Boot Stack, microservices and SAP Hybris.

Which is your most interesting project? #Proud?

The project on the Capacity-aware Delivery Calendar for Intergramma was quite a challenge! It’s a small element of the website, but there are many technologies hidden in the back-end to calculate the supply chain for a certain package to get to its destination. The result of this project is that it is easier to predict when a package will be delivered, which solves one of the most common complaints our customer had to deal with.

Other recent projects include a custom Payment Microservice that supports gift cards, various internal portals to allow the business to manage the fulfillment process, and in general moving from a monolithic web shop to a microservices architecture.

What makes Osudio unique for you as an employee?

Osudio has very extensive knowledge when it comes to ecommerce, because they have been in the game for so long. If you want to grow in ecommerce, this is the place to be. Both on a technical and business level. Other than that, there are also international opportunities, because of the different interesting office locations in Europe.

How would you describe working at Osudio in 3 words?


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January 8, 2019

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