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Working as an Osudio Application Engineer, with Jessica

Please describe your role at Osudio and why your colleagues can count on you.

As part of an international team I make sure, that my colleagues can always rely on me because I always keep my promises. When we discuss deadlines and tasks, I take everything very seriously and fulfill all agreements. That's what teamwork is about!

What makes you feel comfortable at Osudio?

From the beginning on I have been continuously trained. My tasks are planned according to my know-how.  I’ve received a throughout training in SAP Hybris, Contentserv and Microsoft Azure, just to name a few, and I have been perfectly introduced to various customer projects. All this gave me enough knowledge and reassurance to work confidently for our customers.

How does your personality enrich the team spirit of our company?

Everyone in the team has the goal of constantly doing their best. We are a very mixed team, in experience as well as in age. Nevertheless, we share the same sense of humor and high-quality standards for our work. Furthermore, due to my education and experience I’m the perfect match for the position of an Application Engineer.

How was your start in the team? Were your expectations fulfilled within the first few weeks?

I was immediately convinced by Osudio as a company because of the good introduction as well as the feeling of belonging to the team. I always felt supported and encouraged. I was given enough time to settle in and get familiar with my tasks. There is never a time where I’m expected to deliver a piece of work for which I lack the basics.

What did your first tasks at Osudio include?

In the first few days, I was introduced to the daily tasks, took part in telephone conferences with customers and familiarized myself with the systems we use in the company. Not to forget that doing documentations and tending to recurring / daily tasks are also part of my work.

Who supported you the most during the first weeks?

It is common for new colleagues to be assigned a mentor in the first few months. For me it was my colleague Nils who helped me to get started. We got along very well from the start. He introduced me to everybody and taught me many things i.e. how to prioritize tasks. Thanks to his great introduction I was capable of working productively right away.

How do you feel after a  week’s work?

When I leave the office, I feel like I can truly leave work behind. Osudio cares for a good work-life balance.  This is not only reflected in the many benefits (i.e. massages) offered at work, but also in the fact that I can 100% relax at home after a challenging workday.

Did working at Osudio teach you new things about the IT field?

I have gained a very detailed insight into the topic of "Omnichannel Commerce" in the short time I’ve been onboard. Besides, I was able to expand my knowledge about cloud solutions and PIM systems significantly.

Which projects are you working on?

I’m currently involved in the customer projects for Miele and JUMBO (in Switzerland) and several other international companies.

Is there something you are particularly proud of?

Since March, I've learned a lot about what I can accomplish on the daily. Newly acquired knowledge, my increased productivity and the clear feedback from my colleagues are daily motivations. I feel confident enough to give my best for our team as well as our clients.

If you had to describe Osudion with three words:

  • Innovative
  • Loyal
  • Professional


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July 23, 2019

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