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Working as an Osudio Software Developer

Software Engineers are problem solvers and perfectionists. They program themselves and provide the right software concepts and the further development of them. We asked Stefan how this task is actually practiced at Osudio.


Briefly describe what brought you to Osudio:

Before joining Osudio I worked at a public-sector company. The structures there offered me many advantages, but I have been very limited in my work and development. I did not feel challenged and also had the feeling that I did not learn anything new. Luckily, I found Osudio during my job search. Osudio works for many well-known companies such as Miele, Carlsberg, Blanco, the Hoffmann Group or Hansgrohe. I loved the idea of shopping on- or offline with companies and knowing that I've done my part, enabling these companies to successfully manage and sell their products.
From the very beginning, Osudio gave me the feeling that I am challenged in my role and can quickly expand my skills and knowledge in software engineering.

How would you describe your role within Osudio?

In my role as Software Engineer, I am mainly responsible for implementing software features for our clients.
To do this, I need to discuss the requirements with the customer in advance to understand which function is supported or which problem should be solved. I advise the customers, make suggestions and show solutions for how the requirements could be optimally implemented.
At Osudio we work in project teams according to the Scrum methodology. In the team, we discuss the upcoming topics and challenges in order to find the best possible solution together with our customers. In addition to the actual software development, I also have the opportunity to work on various internal projects.

How was your start at Osudio?

Very exciting! With the very good support of my colleagues I got to know a new software platform and was able to familiarize myself quickly in the new framework. Thus, I was able to work productively very quickly. My existing knowledge has been consolidated and I have learned new things.

What does a typical work week look like?

As some of our customers also work on weekends, first of all I check their new requirements at the beginning of the week. I clarify and specify those requirements so we can quickly implement the new features.
In our team and with the Project Manager / Scrum Master, further open tasks are discussed and prioritized daily. Scrum ceremonies are another important part of my week. Then it's about the "daily madness" with implementation, specification and sometimes a little frustration. But honestly, that's the best, because I can grow with the tasks and challenges, and I'm happy when we've solved even the toughest questions at the end of the day.

How would you describe working at Osudio in 3 words?

  • Team Spirit
  • Diversified
  • Innovative


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July 2, 2019

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