My life as an Osudio Tech Lead, with Ramy Salama

My life as an Osudio Tech Lead, with Ramy Salama

Ramy has been working as a Tech Lead at Osudio since September 2018 and has a productive history in the eCommerce domain. So he felt right at home at Osudio! He’s a definite contribution to the Osudio family, both on a social and professional level. Let’s get started, and get to know him better by answering some questions about life at Osudio:

How do you experience life at Osudio as a Tech Lead?

The environment has a very open-minded business culture, and all the colleagues are also very open. The projects are all very different in terms of approach, technology, teams and team location. It’s all very dynamic!

What is your role at Osudio like?

As a tech lead, my current work is focused on one big project, for which I interact with different stakeholders i.e. architects, client (business & technical teams), project managers, back- and front-end developers etc. We engage with companies like Commercetools & Bloomreach and organize meetings & workshops to discuss the implementation of specific platforms. We work in an Agile way, with some technologies like Java 10, the Spring Boot Stack, microservices, Commercetools, Bloomreach CMS, Search.

What is your most interesting project? 

I currently work on a project focused on the implementation of more than 100 B2B commerce websites. Together with colleagues, we work on creating a common platform to support those websites, in which each has its own business challenges (i.e. stock, different channels, different products, type of customers). We are 10 colleagues, working on it from the Osudio side with daily stand-ups. Challenges mostly consist of working with different cloud platforms to have them work together in a harmonic way, and sophisticated pricing models are particularly interesting to deal with. It’s still a work in progress and I feel confident the result will be something with great impact on the client, Osudio and e-commerce as a whole.

What makes Osudio unique for you as an employee?

We all speak one language, the language of e-commerce! If you want to grow in e-commerce, this is the place to be. They have been in the game for a while, both on a technical and business level. Osudio really lives out their core values, especially ‘Diversity United’.

How would you describe working at Osudio in 3 words?

Never stop learning!


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