Osudio e-business partner of Carlsberg Group

Osudio e-business partner of Carlsberg Group

Osudio is proud to announce that Carlsberg Group, one of the biggest brewers in the world, chooses Osudio as their digital specialist. Besides further developing Carlsberg’s existing e-commerce platforms Osudio will contribute to the development and implementation of their digital strategy.

The focus first will be on enhancing the Pan-European B2B and B2E commerce environments. This applies to technical hybris implementation and to the user experience.

As a starting point Osudio defined the digital value propositions and analysed the customer journey using Persona’s and Customer Experience Maps. With the implementation of the enhanced digital strategy, and all features deriving from it, Osudio aims to improve the customer experience. This should help fulfill Carlsberg’s desire to deliver added value to their customers.




Ask Victor

November 23, 2016


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