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International United Osudio Event 2018

We are Osudio - Building Bridges Between Offices

Are some of your colleagues roughly 2000km away from you? Even though we can communicate digitally, it’s just not the same as a physical conversation. That’s why we want to bring all Osudians together for one big event. In 2018, we hosted our event at De Heische Hoeve in Eindhoven. 120 Osudians from all over Europe gathered at the farm for a day we’ll never forget.

Once they arrived, we divided them in teams, regardless of what office or department they were from. At that point, the battle could begin. They drove jeeps through the woods, Vespas across narrow streets and faced each other head-on in various games. Afterwards we wrapped it all up with a cozy DIY barbeque and a party with plenty of drinks.

Are you curious what that day was like? Check out the video below!


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December 4, 2018