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Osudio introduces the Automated Global Data Quality Assessment

April 7, 2017

Poor data is a widespread and costly challenge

Not not only affecting a team’s efficiency but also having a negative impact on ROI. Per Forrester 38% of data management professionals are spending more than 30% of their time validating and fixing data. Especially for manufacturers, wholesalers or any others dealing with large amounts of products and product components these numbers are a threat to profitability and efficiency.

Osudio offers the one of a kind “Automated Global Data Quality Assessment” to help businesses prevent and solve urgent Data Quality issues in your product information environment.

Are you encountering problems with the Quality of your Product Data?

✔ Is your product data lacking quality? 

✔ Is your team spending too much time on correcting duplicates?

✔ Is your product information incomplete, inconsistent or inaccurate?

✔ Is your product information stored using different formats and standards?

✔ Is your data process unstructured?

✔ Is your ROI on Product Data too low?

✔ Is your product information inconsistent across all channels?

What do we deliver?

Share (a subset) of your product information, we provide a thorough automated analysis, and deliver a detailed Data Quality Assessment report. You will get immediate insights into quick wins and structural improvements.  

Osudio works for

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