Osudio is AWS partner

Osudio is now Amazon Web Services Consulting and Reseller Partner!

Osudio is now Amazon Webservices Consulting and Reseller Partner!

The question of today is not if we need a cloud solution, but ‘what cloud solution fits our needs best?’ The two most common flavours are Public and Private cloud. Both have vital advantages and consequences. With this AWS partnership Osudio is able to deliver a full service cloud offering to our customers.

Osudio is AWS consultant partner and AWS reseller

In the second half of 2016 Osudio decided to aim for a Public cloud offering solution besides its own Private cloud. This way Osudio can serve and offer the solution which fits best with the customer needs and expectations.

At the end of 2016 Osudio certified a selection of Service Delivery employees to become Standard APN partner, this certification contained accreditations, courses and examinations. Besides the APN partnership Osudio also became AWS Consultant partner (assist other companies with their AWS set-up) and started the AWS resellership.

The difference between public and private cloud

One of the leading Cloud Service Providers is Amazon Web Services (AWS). With it’s ease of use, out-of-the box features and fast time to market it’s one of the most popular Public cloud solutions. When choosing Public cloud the vital part is cloud management: it enables you to scale up and down the whole environment based on the application needs. This all with the purpose to only pay for what you use. This sounds like a no-brainer in choice, but don’t forget to count in the need for certification or a cloud partner to be able to profit from these advantages.

A different choice could be a Private cloud solution, in this case the customer can actually visit the datacenter and support team and is able to build up a closer relationship with his support party. Typically, a fixed set of servers are available and managed for a fixed amount of money. No need for extra schooling, but less flexibility or (cost-)efficiency.

The benefits

If you prefer a close relationship with your support party, the private cloud is the solution to choose.

Private cloud offering
•    personal contact (you know who to call)
•    lower operational costs compared with public cloud
•    proven stable technology
•    the "always-on" functionality (the servers are always running 24h/7d)
If you want a more continental approach the public cloud is the solution to choose.
Public cloud offering
•    cost-effectiveness (pay per use)
•    flexible and scalable
•    lower set-up cost because of no hardware investment
•    the easy transferable cloud management from one party to another

If you would like to know more about our cloud offering, don't hesitate to contact us!