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Osudio joins forces with SQLI!

We have got great news! Osudio is taking the next step in helping clients to be successful across channels in an ever changing digital world. We will join forces with SQLI – a like minded company offering many opportunities. 

For customers it means more services, skills, technologies and capacity, often nearby located. For (potential) Osudians, it means more career opportunities. Osudio will keep on operating under its own name and the management has committed themselves to make this next step a success.

SQLI has completed the acquisition of Osudio, a Netherlands-based leader in e-commerce with operations in Benelux, Denmark and Germany and around 175 experts with key industry skills. Founded in 1996, Osudio has developed its business in the strategic e-commerce segment, combining extremely strong technological expertise with proven marketing know-how. The company was also voted “#1 full‑service internet agency” in 2010, 2015 & 2017. 

This acquisition makes a major contribution to SQLI’s strategy in terms of both geographic reach in a key region and margin expansion.

No. 1 Hybris integrator in Europe and No. 3 Worldwide 

By incorporating Osudio’s expertise, SQLI will become the No. 1 integrator of SAP’s Hybris software in Europe and one of the top three worldwide, with more than 100 projects deployed on this leading e-commerce platform. Osudio also enjoys benchmark status in product information management (PIM), a strategic technology for centralized management of product catalogs.

Osudio assists major corporations in rolling out their digital transformation. Its main clients include Carlsberg, Hoffmann Group, GrandVision, Hansgrohe, Miele, Philips and Intergamma.

Key positioning in Northern Europe 

This acquisition significantly enhances SQLI’s distinctive business outside France following a first-half in which the Group stepped up its transformation in the country. With a network of nine offices in six European countries (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden), Osudio generated turnover of around €18 million and an EBITDA margin of more than 15% in 2016.

By acquiring Osudio, SQLI has enhanced its European network to include nine countries and stepped up its deployment in Northern Europe, the Group’s target region for expansion, achieving a perfect fit in terms of coverage with zero overlap. The newly enlarged company will also enjoy robust industrial capacity, with nearshore production sites in Rabat (Morocco) and Cape Town (South Africa).

“With the integration of OSUDIO within the SQLI Group, we have reached a milestone in our Move Up 2020 plan. Following the acquisition of Invent Commerce in the United Kingdom and South Africa, and more recently the acquisition of Star Republic in Sweden, this new operation gives us a tangible European dimension and positions us as one of the three largest integrators of SAP Hybris, the leading e-commerce platform in the world. The exceptional complementarity of our skills enables us to conquer a strong position in the markets of omnichannel and customer experiences. This digital DNA that we share as well as our common values, are strong assets that will further accelerate our development and consolidate our ambition to be a major player in the implementation of the most innovative digital platforms" - Didier Fauque (CEO of SQLI)

"After 20 years of continuous growth, we are very pleased to join the SQLI group. Our alliance will give birth to a European leader within connected experience with offices in 9 countries and 2 offshore locations in Morocco and South-Africa. Our clients will benefit both from our combined expertise and our ability to deliver on strategic matters related to mobility, omnichannel commerce, big data and Product Information Management" - Peter van Reijmersdal (CEO of Osudio)

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September 25, 2017


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