JANUARY 14, 2020


AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – Sligro Food Group, encompassing foodservice businesses in the Netherlands and Belgium, has chosen digital agency Osudio as its strategic e-business partner for the next five years.


“We’re very proud to work together with Sligro Food Group on building their digital success”, says Victor Terpstra, CCO at Osudio. “Both of our companies are rooted in the Netherlands and have that entrepreneurial spirit that drives growth and innovation. As committed partners for five years, we determine and fulfil their digital strategy and ambitions. Osudio will function as the main contractor and collaborate with other partners as needed. This way, we can ensure an integrated strategic approach to deliver the best customer experience and grow Sligro’s business.”


Sligro Food Group encompasses foodservice businesses in the Netherlands and Belgium, offering a full range of food and food-related non-food products and services in the food and beverages wholesale market. Sligro Food Group leads the Dutch foodservice market, with a nationwide network of cash & carry outlets and delivery-service wholesalers serving hospitality establishments, leisure facilities, volume users, company and other caterers, forecourt retailers, small and medium-sized enterprises, retail businesses and the institutional market.

“Over the last years, we’ve launched various online initiatives to learn and explore. We want to improve and evolve new initiatives at a high pace. We’ve found a trusted and experienced partner in Osudio. They are the digital drivers who can help us reach that long-term independent position on the European foodservice market that we aim for.”

Maurice van Veghel
CIO, Sligro Food Group


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