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Osudio and commercetools announce partnership

May 16, 2016

Low total cost of ownership and no IT hassle

Osudio and commercetools, the company at the forefront of API-first, cloud-based solutions for omnichannel brands and retailers, today announced a strategic partnership beginning May 16, 2016. The partnership offers businesses complete, integrated solutions combining long lasting experience in e-business with future ready technology. Benefits of the approach include increased relevancy for end-users, shorter time to market and elimination of IT issues usually associated with omnichannel projects. 

There is an increasing demand for a deep understanding of e-business and bespoke solutions. The partnership of Osudio and commercetools, with over 20 years of combined experience, is perfectly suited to help various businesses determine how to deliver on the promise of commerce through every channel desired. This solution to fulfill omnichannel needs reaches out to large retailers as well as brand manufacturers and B2B companies. 

The market is looking for flexible and cost-effective solutions to omnichannel challenges. This can be delivered through implementing a flexible network of microservices (small services which are individually developed, deployed and managed). Doing so can means you only use what you need, with great quality, easier testing and adapting on the back-end side. The fact that commercetools offers a ‘headless' e-commerce solution based on microservices fits Osudio's creative proposition perfectly as Osudio can always offer the relevant front end solution supporting clients' business goals and budget. 

Peter van Reijmersdal, CEO, Osudio, commented: "Osudio always looks for the best solutions to support our customers’ omni-channel strategies. With commercetools we can offer our customers the best return on investment in the market for their omni- channel investments with the lowest total cost of operations."