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Thalia Voukena - Speech about Women Developers

Recently, there was a meet-up in Valencia about women developers, organized by Meetmobile and DevWomen. We are proud to share that our colleague, Thalia Voukena, joined this interesting event and had the opportunity to talk about her experience with digital and her role at Osudio.

Thalia is from Greece and she studied at Athens University in the department of Computer Science and Communication. While she was in her senior year of the degree, she started working in a web development company, where she had her first contact with the online world. Later on, she came to Valencia to do an Erasmus internship, and she decided to stick around!

She started working with some basic tools, but she wanted a change. That was when Java came up. Java is a complete and highly-demanded language in the development industry. Many job offers require a solid knowledge of Java, which makes it a relevant skill to have.

It has already been 4 years since she joined Osudio as Java Software Developer, specialized in Product Information Management (PIM). As Java developer, her responsibilities include the analysis of a customer’s conditions and requirements, drafting a solution proposition for occasional problems and the estimation of the software solution implementation. But additionally, she translates these requirements into code, prepares the coding documentation for the whole team and presents some technical demonstration of the software solution to the customer.

"Being a software developer is about analytical thinking, problem solving, creativity and communication skills. It has nothing to do with your gender. Unfortunately, we live in a world where stereotypes like “Technology is for boys” are still present and are being passed down to younger generations. In my case, my parents never questioned my decision to study Informatics, but many young females are being dissuaded from pursuing tech careers. By joining initiatives like DevWomen, my goal is to give visibility to women in technology and inspire more to join this sector. I am optimistic that soon enough the tech gender gap will be much smaller. Already in our Osudio office in Valencia, one third of our developers’ team is female! #UnitedInDiversity" - Thalia Voukena.

Do you want to learn more about Thalia and Java Development? Check out her whole speech here!


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January 9, 2019