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Welcome at Osudio!

The digital industry is growing, and so are we! This year, Osudio welcomed new colleagues from different parts of Europe, including: Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Spain. And, of course, we did our best to give them a warm welcome!

People are always nervous on their first day. That is why we work to ensure that our new employees have a nice introduction to the new office, colleagues and team. In the meanwhile, we explain some house rules and few basic processes to be ready to be a part of Osudio. But that’s not everything! We have an international onboarding day at Eindhoven as well. There, they have the opportunity to meet other new colleagues from other offices and receive an in-depth introduction to Osudio’s mission, values and processes.

We took a moment to talk to our newest colleague at our office in Spain: Jose Sampedro. He is a Java Software Developer that started less than two months ago at our Valencia office, and he joined the onboarding event in October. As soon as he joined Osudio, he started with a short training., But now, 2 months later, he is part of an amazing project for Carlsberg within Osudio.

I had a warm welcome. Everyone was friendly and I was so lucky with my introduction day. I got my MacBook, I joined my first monthly office lunch-standup with rest of my colleagues and I even received a massage! The first week I needed to learn many new things and since I wasn’t assigned to any project yet, I was spending most of my days learning new things. After a month of training, I could start in the Carlsberg project. All things considered, my first impression was very positive.

I expect to have the opportunity to grow as a professional within an experienced international team. A team where there is not only time to learn and develop innovative solutions, but also to have some fun.

My goals are to improve my experience with ecommerce technologies and to learn from the experience of my team with delivering high standard solutions for such an important and demanding projects and clients.

Talent – People - Diversity.

We work hard to ensure the best harmony and working environment within and between our offices and teams. Of course, this includes is taking care of our employees since the very beginning.

Do you want a taste of the Osudio life? We might just have an opening for you! Check out our job site here!

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