ROI of Product Data

May 16, 2018
By Victor Terpstra

E-commerce has been a profitable business for the distance-selling companies and manufacturers of this world for quite some time. According to the German eCommerce and Distance Selling Trade Association (German abbreviation bvh), German distance- selling companies alone had sales of 18.3 billion euros in the Internet last year with an upward trend. Even though the share of E-commerce has increased to 60% of total sales (€ 30.3 billion), many companies are no longer focusing on electronic sales alone, but are positioning themselves more widely.

The traditional distribution channels of catalogs and stores remain on the agenda, but the magic word is multichannel. Customers want to be able to shop everywhere, at all times, whenever they feel like it. They practice “channel-hopping,” so retailers have to be accessible on all channels.

Therefore, we created this whitepaper to show you how a Product Information Management (PIM) system can contribute to your company’s success. Download now Return of Investment (ROI) of Product Data and find out!

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